And then, there’s the kitchen table.

So, while I’ve NOT BEEN UPDATING, here are a couple recaps:

Most immediately, I was supposed to go on vacation. Something came up. I’m still in town. But may still go on vacation. Just not, you know, today.

I have not done any Christmas shopping. I’m not sure I have enough money to go Christmas shopping. I see gift cards in people’s futures. I’m not really sure how I feel about gift cards as a means of gifting – is it lame, or is it really thoughtful? Eh. It’s probably lame, but as Radiohead says, “If you try the best you can, the best you can is good enough.” And the best I can is that I chose to go to school forever and a day, and whatdya know, it costs money. Also, I have a coffee addiction. And a music addiction. And a book addiction? I have lots of addictions.

But the good news is that I sorta cleaned my kitchen table. Yeah, ok, big deal – For YOU, maybe – but for me, this is a monumental-once-in-a-lifetime-omfg event. It’s not a table on which I eat. It’s an extra storage space that I brought with me when I moved into this place. (Apparently, I don’t need to eat.)

I’m a subconscious fan of piles, apparently. So, for months, piles sat there. And slowly, I started to get rid of them. I figured I didn’t exactly need mail from 2008. Or a high school script. Or a high school note. Or a piece of glitter from that one time when it was really amazing and… yeah. Don’t need it.

I was determined. A shredder died because of my determination.

And I learned some things about myself as well: I am a random collector of buttons. You know the ones that come in the little bags with shirts? I keep those. I don’t know why. Chances are if I lost a button, I wouldn’t sew another one on. I also keep random electronic things (plugs, cords, what the fuck is this?). Again, I don’t know why. I don’t know what they belong to, and I probably wouldn’t know how to use them anyway.

I keep paperclips and stacks of paper, just in case I need them. (Seriously though. I have unopened packs of paper. Not to mention, I also have notebooks I refuse to throw away because there’s unused paper in them. I… don’t know what to do with the paperclips.)

I have gift cards totaling probably $100 that I’ve never redeemed. They’re probably expired now anyway. But maybe some day…

I have myriads of music related sheets: lyrics, tabs, staff paper. Maybe I should get crackin’ on that.

So while there are still some piles to go through, you can actually see the table. It’s a pretty decent table. Good coloring, and all that. Kudos to you, table. Maybe I will actually use you for the purpose you were designed for.

Now all I have to do is cook…




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