Being Vulnerable.

I’ve been discussing some serious issues on my blog lately, so I figured I’d lighten things up a bit.

-Today I ran 6 miles after not running very much at all. Woot.

-Speaking of “lighten,” there is no longer anything light about my hair because I dyed it!

-And I washed it!!!… for the first time today.  (I’m not supposed to wash it, if I can help it.)

Ok. Enough good news. Back to doom and gloom. Day 8. Vulnerability.

Beattie says, “It’s okay to feel hurt; it’s okay to cry; it’s okay to heal; it’s okay to move onto the next feeling, when it’s time.”

I wouldn’t say I have a hard time expressing feelings or being vulnerable. Instead, I would venture to say that I feel too much, and there’s where I get into trouble. I have a tendency to  fixate on certain emotions, especially when I might be making positive progress somewhere. There’s always something that pulls me back inside my own head, wondering if I could have handled a situation differently, either by my word choice or action.

So the biggest challenge? Moving on. That’s a vulnerability I’m not quite ready to face head on.



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