I’ve Got The Power!

When I was a youngin’, I made up song lyrics for fun. Most of the time, these lyrics were based on songs already out on the radio. For example, Snap!’s ‘The Power” became: “I got the power!… to take a shower!… for half an hour!”

Or, I misheard song lyrics. Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam” became, “IOWA! A place to stay…” which may have influenced me subconsciously later in life.

The above memories really have nothing to do with Day 38, which is about power, which reminded me about my little song, and… well, you see where it went. You can’t control everything, Beattie says, but you can embrace your own power.

There are a lot of times when I feel helpless. And it’s funny – in retrospect I see how far I’ve actually come. For years, I’d berate myself over the smallest thing. And while I’m nowhere near perfect now, I’ve found that the things I’ve used to be so afraid of before aren’t so scary after all. I still have a lot of fears to conquer, though.

However, when I become rich and famous I’m totally hiring a personal chef/nutritionist, a personal trainer, and one of those clutter people (why not a maid, you say? Because, after years of getting up on Saturdays and cleaning the entire house as a child, cleaning actually calms me down a bit. …When I do it, that is.)

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