“Intuition is reason in a hurry.” – Holbrook Jackson

Intuition is a tricky (or, if you’re cool like me, tricksy) thing. Can you really inherently know something? Or do you just want it to be what you thought so badly that you constantly maintain its truth?

I guess it could be one or the other – and maybe a bit of both – but the main focus for today is listening to and trusting in yourself. I compare it to being like a fine tuned instrument – a guitar, maybe – that you’ve had for years. And over those years, you’ve played it so much and know it so well that it doesn’t take much to realize that it’s even slightly out of tune. And you fix it, and carry on.

I’m not quite sure if the analogy I was going for works, but I hope it does. I think a lot of people don’t trust themselves; they don’t have the confidence or the courage.  Some are too assured and it ends up failing them anyway. I’d like to find the middle ground. It seems like a good place to be. At least that’s what my intuition tells me.

My intuition also tells me that I need to get off of my ass and finish the goals I started tonight; otherwise, they will never get done.

P.S. Why didn’t someone have the intuition (sense) to put more hours in a day? I mean, REALLY. Totally inconsiderate, if you ask me.

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