The urge to be neater.

So – just a disclaimer. At this point and time, I have had three (3) alcoholic beverages that may or may not be good for my health.

Anyway. Today’s about detachment. I’m not going to list what day it is, because I don’t think I can focus enough to count. I CAN, however, focus enough to type, so that’s what I’m doing.

Beattie says, “Having a setting healthy limits and boundaries… isn’t a tidy process.” And let me tell you something: I SO WISH THAT IT WAS. I would love for it to be a scenario of A+B=C; I’d even take geometry-type equations if I knew that it equaled something easily.

Unfortunately, life is messy. Feelings are messy. Human beings. Are. Messy. So much of learning about yourself and the others around you is about giving yourself permission to do so. If you don’t automatically categorize yourself and others… well, it makes your options a bit more free.

So while I slowly become comfortable with my options, I learn more and more about myself, and my reactions every day. I recognize emotions in others more so. Once again, it’s all about balance. Sometimes it ‘s about your courage. Sometimes, it’s about finding their voice.


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