Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

The title has little to do with the post, except that I needed something to have “problems” in it, and I don’t make enough money.

If I did, I think I’d have – like the song says – mo’ problems. And, although it would be strange and different for me, it’d be a problem that came from me, that I didn’t run myself over to someone’s side to fix.

So – how to solve this problem? Make lots of money. Immediately. Some sort of money that no one’s ever heard of, but that is the best kind of money in the WORLD…

Although – I found this out today and it’s kind of disheartening: Georgians’ minimum wage is $5.15/hr. Sorry Georgians.

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One thought on “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

  1. brittany says:

    maybe you should listen to your daddy and get a boyfriend. preferably a rich one. ideally no children already, and best if he’s a music lover. then again, doesn’t have to be a he. maybe there’s a she out there with your name on…..her. no monkeys, though…i’m pretty sure they can’t get social security numbers, and that means no income. and yes, i’m completely sober. love you!

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