I’m a tax stressor.

I don’t have much to write about tonight. The topic is supposed to be “being who you are” but I’m sort of in a slump since I’m stressing over taxes and all the good stuff adults never told you about when you were 6.

So, I’m someone who stresses over taxes. At least we’re getting somewhere.

I’m leaving town in a week and it cannot come soon enough. I need a break from the routine, and the stressing, and the 4am alarms.

(Most especially the 4am alarms. It makes me so sad.)

I need some inspiration to write more inspired blog posts. And, also, to get restarted on my book, which has been lacking. Sometimes a new place can do that for you, if you’re particularly lucky.

And right now, I’m someone who needs to go to bed. (Did I mention 4am alarms?)

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