Searching for a piece of peace.

When I say that I am a worrier, it is not an understatement. If it comes down to it, I can easily out-worry a Jewish grandmother.

It’s just what I’ve always done. And lately, there’s been a lot for me to worry about, but it’s not like there’s anything especially new. The regular stressors continue to loom. And though I try to remind myself to breathe, though I try to relax and let everything take its course, I end up just continuing to worry.

After all, how can something happen if I don’t make it happen (though there have been many times when I’ve worried so much I haven’t actually done anything…)? It’s a bit of a concept I have a hard time with: Entrepreneurs, for example, didn’t make gazillion dollar companies just by sitting back and breathing and accepting; if they did, a lot more people would be rich. You don’t get the body you want by sitting on your ass and hoping for the best (I’m still pulling for this solution, but if you want real inspiration, check out The Better Man Project).

Beattie writes that turmoil doesn’t help the situation; in fact, it only gives the problem its power. And here I am, constantly thinking that if I don’t worry, it means I don’t care or that whatever’s going on is not important to me. How many times have I said, “I’m just trying to show that I care?” Is it possible to care without worrying?

Today’s mission: find some peace. I think that may include running, music playing, and vacation prepping. And, in honor of the Oreo’s 100th birthday, it’ll include some Oreos (I mean, how could I NOT?).


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