Day 67 was supposed to begin with a mantra of sorts: “Everything I need shall be provided today. Everything.”

I missed that memo, though. So, some matters that I needed to be taken care of were taken care of – chocolate, a laugh every now and then; some still weren’t – still trying to figure out my financials before I go crazy on vacation; and some happened without me even asking – I did NOT need the two-hour headache that accompanied me at the end of the work day and is still lingering.

Fulfillment, according to Beattie, is about trust and belief. First, you have to ask. And if you trust and believe, things might just happen the way you want them to. But I think, again, that trust and belief goes hand-in-hand with effort. If you trust and believe something, you’d most likely be willing to work that much harder at achieving your goals.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the end of your goal. Sometimes it seems too big to manage. That’s a pretty accurate description on how I feel. I have lots of goals, but they seem so overwhelming that I might end up sabotaging myself. And that’s not a need I want to fulfill.

I’m trying to take things one step at a time, and remind myself that I need not rush into any one thing. It might be a slow fulfillment that way, but at least I’ll be stronger – and maybe more patient? – for it.

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