According to Beattie, surrendering to the Powers that Be is how we become empowered. Still, I have a hard time believing that, fully: I might be biased but part of me views that as an out. Maybe it’s more a sense of accepting where you’re at, and building from there. Or finding a way to deal with what you’ve been dealt.

I have no idea; I’m not very smart on these matters. But I’m trying to figure it out, especially when I’ve had a today like today.

Today was rough. Like, rough. As in… I got maybe an hour of sleep, ate too many Oreos to compensate, didn’t have coffee (sob!), got two work e-mails which made my head hurt (my head’s been hurting for a couple days now, actually), went to a circuit training and fell. Completely-wiped-out-fell.

And now it is 9:30pm and I am exhausted mentally and sort of feeling tired physically, but I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep. I’m going to surrender this day, because it NEEDS to go somewhere. And try it again tomorrow, when my day shall open with a lovely Starbucks run for myself and my co-workers (because, when it comes down to it, I’m awesome).

With all that said…

Fuck off, Thursday. You were a bitch.

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