A New Town

… at least for a little while.

I made it to Texas, y’all (after 1 plane change and two stops). Even walking around the airport made me happy – there’s a whole bunch of music stuff scattered about. If I was a better blogger, I’d take pictures, but since I’m not… well…um… And if I was a better writer, I’d describe the scene but I’m too tired/happy/ready to go out to do despite tiredness to do any of that.

I – like 17 million other people (slight exaggeration) – am here for SXSW. Have no real plans, just to go out and experience. Beattie says that when things aren’t really moving along, sometimes you just have to wait and be patient. Whatever is meant to happen will.

Maybe that means that in my future this week I will buy a cowboy hat? … But I doubt it.

First order of business: finding caffeine. All this travel and no coffee makes me one cranky girl.

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