No Alarms and Some Surprises.

I woke up this morning at 7:30am, instantly relieved that there was no alarm to wake up to. I believe alarms contribute to setting people on edge (later in life, when you’re a parent, these wake-up calls are provided by human alarms called children. No wonder parents can be cranky).

Since I’m not a parent, there was a man who offered to make me one. He walked through the crowd holding a sign that said, “Not pregnant? I can help.” Surprisingly, I wasn’t interested.  Annnd there’s been a lot of that craziness down here so far.

However, most of my day wasn’t spent down in SXSW madness. It was spent walking around and looking for a grocery store. My friend Lindsey and I discovered that, if something is labeled a grocery store, it usually isn’t. Since she’s thinking about maybe moving down here, we took the opportunity to walk to places, only to be dejected by the fact that they weren’t what we were looking for. We walked through parts of town that seriously needed a lawnmower. We walked through parts of town where the sidewalk ended. We walked through beautiful rows of trees – a nice welcome when back home, everything’s still bare. We got lost, got called “ma’am”, whistled and honked at (oh Austin, what an unappealing flirt you are). Eventually, we found our way, used their bus system without incident and got a little sunburned. Perhaps, rather importantly, my friend had a clearer idea of where she might want to live.

Part of this experience, for me, is learning how to trust and be comfortable in a place I’m not familiar. Some may say, “Just go have fun!” and while it has been interesting, I find I’m still a little unnerved by it all. Last night, we walked through the crowds and in and out of lines and venues and – though it could have just been extreme tiredness (we’d been up since 3 and 4am, respectively) – I felt a bit panicky.

Today’s goal is to let adventures come without any judgment, to sit and absorb and enjoy and TRUST that it’ll be ok. Also, to not continue getting sunburned (it’s cloudy today, but who is the sun trying to fool?).

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