I Went To Texas And All I Got Was A Sunburn.

… Well, that’s not exactly true. I do have sunburn, but I think that was largely due to poor planning yesterday. It was cloudy, then it was sunny, there was alcohol involved, I didn’t move fast enough, etc etc.

Overall, the trip was more about alcohol consumption than auditory pleasures, but since I don’t drink all that often, I’m okay with that. I got to meet Rachael Ray, listen to bands I really enjoyed, hang with some great people, and walked away with a newfound appreciation for a well-made Bloody Mary.

I have decided that, when it comes to transportation, Chicago wins. When we tried to get a cab this morning for the airport, we were told to call back later. At 4am this morning I was standing in the middle of the street, frantically waving my arms at any cab I saw. Only one stopped, and the driver agreed to take us to the airport for $40 (ludicrous, but we had somewhere to be). I’m hoping that, for future SXSW festivals, Austin might learn the concepts of supply and demand – especially when it comes to taxis. Perhaps Chicago can lend some taxis to Austin?

And now, I am home. Pros: My bed, Trader Joe’s. Cons: So fucking humid and no central air. Also, sunburn.


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One thought on “I Went To Texas And All I Got Was A Sunburn.

  1. […] only tried sake once, in Texas, and it was not my favorite. It turns out that it still is not my favorite. Doesn’t matter […]

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