Give and Get.

Today, a thought occurred to me, straight off the heels of a particularly tough week: You have to give respect to earn it. This might not be a mind-blowing notion, but it seemed to help me a bit. I’m not sure if this works for all emotions (or an otherwise similar concept).

If someone chooses not to give you that respect (I do believe it is a choice; maybe not a conscious one, but a choice nonetheless), it’s their issue – not yours. It’s their insecurities leading their actions – not yours. IT’S THEM NOT YOU.

It’s hard for me, sometimes, but more often than not I’ll try to rise above. My immediate reaction is to blow up (one of these days, I’m going to need a punching bag for instant use), and I’ll think it over, and talk about it, and think about it again, and talk about it some more. Today, I reacted to a piece of paper. No joke. A PIECE OF PAPER. And, had I not paused, made a phone call, and then went back to what I was trying to figure out… well, I probably would be a lot grumpier right now from my brain being on repeat. I was able to calm down, clarify what I needed to know, and be respectful. And (I think) I was responded to, in kind.

I guess what I’m saying is: People will try to bring you down, no matter what. It could be for a multitude of reasons, but the reasoning doesn’t matter. You can’t bring down something that’s already too far above.

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