Sometimes I wonder if the world’s gone mad.

Rarely will I ever talk about national/political news, but lately, I find myself wondering what the hell is wrong with people. Regardless of what you think about the whole Trayvon Martin ordeal, and who was to blame, etc., the fact is that a kid is dead.

Martin was 17, the same age as my brother. Now, it’s true. I have absolutely no frame of reference into the experience of a black male, but if I even think about it for a second, it’s just terrible. How is it that – no matter what is being said now – his killer still goes free? How can we say that there’s justice in the world?

At the same time, how is more violence the answer? People are outraged, and they have a right to be. But it doesn’t mean that you unleash rage, committing murder because you’re blindsided by loss and injustice.

And now… there’s the debacle with “The Hunger Games;” how viewers are in an uproar because the characters from the book are depicted as “black” in the movie, and they’re saying it ruined the entire movie for them. What world are we possibly living in? 1) Where people harbor such stupid hatred and 2) Where people can’t fucking read?

The whole situation just makes me sad. But there are signs of hope. Not too long ago after news of Martin’s death hit, I was on the bus going home. An elderly black gentleman’s wheelchair lost power just as he got off the bus. And it was the most awesome thing to see people of all different sizes and colors come together to help this guy get to where he needed to go. I think, if more people reacted that way, with kindness instead of ignorance or indifference, we might actually get somewhere useful.

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