Rage against.

Dylan Thomas once wrote, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” I don’t know much about Thomas, but I’ve always respected this poem. I’ve noticed a certain complacency around and about me as of late, and I’m getting ready to rage against it.

Of course, when Thomas wrote this, he was speaking of death – an inevitable fact, it was a certainty that while you could delay it, it would happen. I don’t want to reach the same conclusion with situations in my life that can be avoided. Sometimes, situations get you down and sometimes they defeat you. The key is to bounce back, always. To fight.

Beattie sees it a bit differently. She says that fighting isn’t always the best way. Sometimes, in learning and acceptance of what you’ve learned… THAT’S how a difference is made. Furthermore, she writes that if you deny or repress something, you’re really only hurting yourself in the long run because you’re not really ridding yourself of anything. You’re merely delaying it, and all without a fight.

I’m certainly not advocating that if you don’t agree with something, you start throwing a tantrum. I just think that we could all use a bit of positive rage in our lives and temper it out with gradual acceptance.

So, here’s what I’ve accepted:

I am moving, and I’m sort of freaking out about it. I’m getting caught up in the details about everything and not really acting.

I didn’t even start my discipline project. I gave up on it too easily. I got stressed and tired and made excuses. Plain and simple.

There is always a fresh start. Always. No matter what.

Chocolate is forever my friend.

I think that on the 10th day, God said, “TAKE A DAY OFF, WOMAN!” and so I’m going to.

Good night, all!!

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