patience, oh patience.

A confession: I strive for patience, but I am not very good at it. Some of my family members think that I am the patron saint of patience, but they are wrong. I’m just very good at being quiet and becoming inwardly frustrated.

There’s a lot of things that I want to happen RIGHT NOW, or that I wish would happen, but the reality is that might not happen the way I want it to. I rarely demand; I find that takes more energy than it’s worth. Then again, so does frustration.

Tonight, I went to see Ellie Goulding’s acoustic set. The only song I know of hers is “Lights,” but I genuinely enjoy music, and so I went to see her with a couple of my friends. When we got there, the place was about half filled. And I immediately thought to myself, “Hm. Maybe I’m too old for this,” and started feeling impatience with the situation. But, I had two choices. Enjoy my time with my friends and appreciate the opportunity to see this, or begrudge this experience altogether.

I opted for the former. And you know what? It was a lot of fun. Sometimes, you have to surrender your first thought or feeling – and maybe if you do, it’ll surprise you in ways you never thought possible.

Plus, I now have a signed CD (SO OLD SCHOOL)!

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