Rest, Relax, Renew.

Back home after what amounts to little more than a day spent with my family. It’s a little weird. I always feel so rushed to get there; normally because I leave straight from work, have to make sure I catch the train on time, have to make sure someone knows when I’m coming in so that they can pick me up. It’s just a bit stressful.

I think, over the years, my family on the whole has mellowed considerably. We’re a large bunch even now and while there’s still chaos, we’ve learned the value of chilling out. Last night we watched a movie, though really it was just my mom and me. This morning we went to church and went to breakfast and after that I just slept for a long time. There wasn’t anything to do, anywhere to go, and it was all good.

I’m watching my younger siblings grow up and it’s really fascinating. I had a really good talk with my brother last night about the appearances we put on to protect ourselves and others. He’s only 17 but he’s such a good and wise kid. And I watched my 15-year-old sister’s choir show. She had a solo for one of the songs and she just KILLED it. I love them more than I can express. Being around them makes me worry about the problems they might encounter, but it also gives me hope and strength for their futures.

I don’t think being a kid these days is necessarily easy. I thought the same when I was their ages but I really think so now. Kids are really growing up too fast. Some of it is because parents are letting them, but some of it is the extreme pressure to fit in. When you have sites like Facebook and Twitter giving you a quantifiable amount of how many “friends” you have – and, on those same sites, when you have adults who are hipster-ing out all over the place… It’s a little disheartening.

Whoa… hey there, sidenote. 🙂

Nevertheless, I was glad to be able to see everyone, even if it was just for a little bit. Yes, family can be annoying and overwhelming at times, but they can also be refreshing and restorative too.

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