I’ll be honest. I don’t really feel like writing tonight. I’m sore, tired, and desperately need to spend some time using my foam roller. I’m in the middle of “Marathoning for Mortals” by John Bingham, which is good – but I kind of feel like I may have surpassed it. I’m only about 50 pages in so we’ll see.

The good news: tomorrow, I shall spend my day off being super busy but also having some nice, relaxing me-time. I’ve scheduled a deep-tissue massage (did I say relaxing? oh well.) and I’m going to get a mani-pedi too. I rarely do these things, but my choices for fitness have done a number on my muscles and my feet (they’re fugly!), so I figured I might as well get it all done. And when that’s all done, I may stop and get new running shoes so that I can repeat this cycle and do it all over again in another 6 months!

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3 thoughts on “Motivaaat….meh.

  1. ughh! I wish I could have a deep tissue massage tomorrow! Have fun!

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