When it comes to the “deadline” category, I fail, hardcore, hands down. I just don’t do well with them. It’s a wonder I pay my bills on time.

Beattie suggests that you use deadlines in order to dispel consternation over a decision. Are things tough now? Give it a month and see how you feel. Have you been going over and over something for six months? Give yourself two more months – and at the end, make a decision or let it go.

Seems like a bit of tough love, but I see her point (some may call deadlines “goals”, after all). It takes the pressure off, which is always nice. Unless you like to operate under pressure (which, sometimes I do). Then, sorry, but you’re screwed!

I’m kidding (sort of). Right now, I have a deadline for sleeping, and in the interest of meeting deadlines tonight, I’m going to keep it. šŸ™‚


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One thought on “Deadlines?

  1. Being Julz says:

    Good deadline! Think I’m going to follow your lead. Hope you rest well. Good night blogasphere!

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