Finding Truth.

“There’s nothing you can do to plan for the coincidences and contingencies that will come your way, and they’re more likely to be more important than whatever else you think is important at the time. As John Lennon wrote: ‘Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.’ Or, the words of George Lucas, ‘Trust the force.'” – Kirk Citron

I won’t write much tonight, but the above quote made me smile.

Beattie says that only you can find the truth that’s right for you (which sounds a lot like, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” but… different). She writes that it might be difficult, and frustrating, and you may want to run to people for help and opinions, but the important thing is that their truth is not yours. Sometimes, you need to go it alone, and figure it out for yourself.

And sometimes, when you’re not looking for it, truth will find you.

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