Negative Nancy.

Here’s a sidenote, right off the bat (I’m not sure if it’s really a sidenote since I’m starting out with it, but WHATEVER!) but why is it that there are never any alliterative male names for this stuff? Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, Moping Minnie…. wa waaaa. I digress.

Beattie writes about negativity today. If others are negative, let them wallow in it. It does not  – should not – pull you down. If you’re struggling to stay positive, remember: limits are your friend.

Today, I was supposed to go running. I opted not to, choosing instead to walk around with my iPod, running errands, but for the most part trying to rid myself of whatever annoyances I have currently. I spend a lot of time alone – I live on my own – but rarely am I mindful about it. Today, despite the winds and the fact that I probably should have brought a warmer jacket, I walked until some of my mind clutter dissipated.

I rarely dispense advice as if I’m an authority – I only have HALF of a Master’s, after all – but I will say this: Every day is new. If today doesn’t work, try again tomorrow. Examine what it is you’re willing to do for yourself, and for others. When you’re ready, you’ll make things happen, for you, because you want to, on your own time. So today, if you’d like to be a cranky pants, go on and fly your freak flag. And tomorrow, decide who you want to be.

And tomorrow, if you have time, come up with some better alliterative names.

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One thought on “Negative Nancy.

  1. 1stjoeyanna says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Versitle Blogger Award! Please Go See! 😀

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