Writer’s Block.

And not only that, but life block too! I have a crazy amount of things to get accomplished today and I’m not really sure where to begin. I guess I started with the blog post because I’m working tonight and last time, waiting til the last minute didn’t turn out so well, but I got nothin’.

I need to:

clean my apartment. have the people that I emailed and/or called about new apartments call and/or email me back. participate in random dance parties. do laundry. ugh, laundry. go grocery shopping when really i feel like a bloated whale so maybe i should just go anorexic for a while because i’d rather not eat if it means i have to eat relatively healthy CRUEL CRUEL WORLD (breath). ponder as to whether it is really going to be 70 degrees today, because that might mean i do not have to do laundry. ponder as to why i’m typing like this.

…For the past 26 minutes, I went and did other things instead of writing this post.  I guess that means I should keep it up. Have a great day, everyone.

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One thought on “Writer’s Block.

  1. brittany says:

    you’re so lucky, because i have a solution! you should call your brother-in-law and tell him that you really, really need your sister to come in for a weekend or four days or something to help you go apartment shopping. you should use your very cutest little amanda giggle so he’s likely to say yes. and by “he” i mean michael, and by “sister” i mean me. get on that, wouldja?

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