Veils and Blowpops and Bach Parties, Oh My!

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a bachelorette party this weekend – specifically, this evening. I’ve been planning this thing for 2 or 3 months, and it’s still surprisingly low key.

Considering it’s me, though, it not might be that much of a surprise.

I decided to wait until I got here in order to get little things for the party, and I have to say: I haven’t been in a sex shop in a while, but they’re funky little things. The first thing I noticed was the “video return” which I hope gets sanitized on a regular basis.

If you’re shopping for a bachelorette party, as I was, everything – and I do mean everything – is pink. It kind of sent me into a tizzy as I am not a fan of the color pink. But, oh well. It’s for one night. I could assail my eyes for one night. I hope.

Then I decided that I wanted to get really cute gifts for the attendees. They’d have to win them, of course, but I didn’t want every girl to get mini strawberry-flavored neon condom lightsabers or whatever is in these days. I totally succeeded at this because I am awesome.

I’m also making blowpop bouquets so that I can make some money for my bride-to-be. I’m pretty sure that you can honeymoon-it-up for $50… right?

Here’s to a night my friend may forget to due to alcohol consumption… I have to go write trivia questions.

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