Honesty and Mad-Libbing.

Day whatever-number-this-is is about honesty. The only way to get through issues, to move past them, is to be honest with yourself and others about who you are, where you’re coming from, and what you’ve done. You can always admit to whomever you believe in (your personalized Powers That Be) what you’ve done, as well. The key is not to hide, but to be as open as possible.

Beattie’s words are well-intentioned ones, I would guess, but it also means that you have to choose who you’re going to trust with the information that you tell. Me? Well, I tend to alternately have trouble trusting people and also trusting the wrong people. So it’s all well and good to be open, but you don’t want to be like, “HI I JUST MET YOU HERE’S MY LIFE STORY.”

So. Be open, but be selective. Work through your issues, both privately and out loud with supportive people. Be clear and direct. Don’t expect that others will reciprocate. Remember where you’ve been, and where you are, and where you want to be. Seriously, it can be fun, like Mad-libs. Ie: I’ve been a mess. I’m currently less of a mess. I want to be rich.

Have a great Monday, and be kind to yourselves.

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