Multitasking Hurricane

Multitasking is not my strong suit; that is to say, I do it often but I’m not super efficient at it. Case in point: Right now, it is almost 10pm, I’m supposed to be in bed, I am just making dinner (a frozen pizza), I’m writing this thing while also writing an article for Cheeky. I’m researching NATO, I’m preparing to wash dishes, so that I can bake dark chocolate salted caramel cupcakes and just make a mess again.

I’ve never baked cupcakes in my life. I have no idea how this will turn out, if I bought the right ingredients, if I’ll end up eating the cupcakes, while I was standing at the grocery store buying the ingredients I ran into a guy who belongs to my running group who looks a lot different because he has a ridiculous mustache and I almost told him to get rid of it and then realized I didn’t know him well enough to say a thing like that, and so instead I just thought it the whole time we talked.

I am a fan of run-on sentences. I now need to eat my dinner, finish this and my article, clean my kitchen, and leave the cupcakes to bake and then sit overnight. Wish me luck.

(I really should go to bed.)

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