Learn Your Lessons Well.

No, really, you learn them. Because I’m not. It’s once again 10pm, I’m not sleeping, and I put the dark chocolate salted caramel cupcakes on hold until tonight. So, they’re baked, but they aren’t put together.

I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday, went to the store to get things to finish off the cupcakes, came home and got a text from another friend who wants to go out.

It’s 10pm, and I’m going out. Why? Because I don’t often. I like to cram all of my social activities into as little time as possible. I make up for it by being antisocial A LOT.

I have made a limit by saying that I need to be back by 11pm. I intend on sticking to this limit. I need sleep; I have to go into work an hour earlier than normal and I’ll be battling NATO troubles all day (or so we think).

Have a great night, everyone. 🙂

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