Adventures in Phone Blogging.

I think I’ve reached a new low. Or a new high, depending on how you look at it. That’s right, folks, I’m currently updating my blog from my iPhone. I’m never successful at getting WiFi in airports, and I have nothing better to do for an hour, so I figured, why not?

I don’t know how to tether my phone, either. I have the stupids sometimes.

My flight is currently delayed by 15 minutes, and I’ve already eaten my mandatory airport food (McDonalds fries). I wonder, what’s a girl to do?

There are a group of girls giggling in the corner, who are playing games like they are 12 but they look about my age. It’s a little weird and I am NOT going to ask to play.

I guess I could go through security again. Maybe this time, instead of standing still for three seconds while in the body scanner, I will make up an interpretive dance. Truth be told, every time I’m in one of those things, I think, “this is why I will get cancer.”

Sometimes I’ll glance over at other passengers. Sometimes they’re eating. Sometimes it’s gross.

By the time I land tonight, I will have been up for almost 20 hours. Maybe I should take a nap on the plane. I’m not a very pretty napper-in-public though. I am almost constantly in between napping and being awake, and I can never stay still. It’s annoying and unsightly.

The guy sitting next to me is gray haired and reading comics. I’m not judging. I just ate those fries like it was my last meal.

Super excited to get to San Diego. It’ll be a nice change, if only for a few days. Have a great start to your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Phone Blogging.

  1. I need to learn to use my phone to blog. Is it difficult? I assume WordPress provides the directions.

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