Hello June, Goodbye Apartment.

Tonight is my last night in my current apartment. And I must admit, I feel a little weird about it. For all of the bitching and headache that planning the move has been, and for all of the reasons I have for moving… it doesn’t necessarily feel real.

Most of that, I’d guess, is due to the fact that this one is entirely on my own. I’m not moving my TV (what?) and my internet won’t be set back up until Wednesday. In essence, I’m going into the prison-less equivalent of “the hole”.

I really have no idea what I will do with my time. Did I mention I cracked my phone screen today? It’s like technology is giving me a big ol’ finger for moving. I guess I could, like, move in or something. (If I could make the place look halfway decent within a week, that would be huge progress for me. HUGE.)

I’m excited. I’m terrified. I’m doing something for me.

Have a good night, everyone. Be kind to yourselves.

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