Friday Night Lights.

Just so you know, the only lights that I see right now are the ones coming from my computer screen, my livingroom, and my kitchen. If I were a better person I’d shut those lights off, but since I’m not, global warming has probably sped up ten fold since I started writing this post.

Anyway, like usual, I’m exhausted. Went to work, customer serviced my ass off, went to kickboxing, spent every ounce of strength I had, went back to work, stayed there til 7, got home at 8, and am now a blob of brain mush.

Sounds pretty, right?

i know.

God I wish I could have the energy to take my contacts out.

But it’s all the way over… there.

wa waaa wa.

Have a good night, everyone. And remember: Friends don’t let friends write blog posts when they’re tired.

(P.S. Related: I once had a friend who said typing wasn’t writing, because it was – well – typing. Agree or disagree? Discuss.)

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