Don’t Stop. Belieeevin.

“The music will come together in our life if we keep practicing the parts.” – Melody Beattie

I haven’t really focused much on Beattie, lately. I find I don’t have the time, or maybe am being stubborn – though that’s nothing really new for me.

Today, she writes about how sometimes life may seem discordant and disconnected. You work and work and work at things, at trying to make your life better, and it still doesn’t flow as smoothly as it should.

These are words I need to hear. I’ve been doing things little by little, trying to make sense of the messes and mistakes that I’ve made, trying to be proud of the successes I’ve accomplished, and yet – sometimes it all seems as though it’s still a big, bumbling mess.

Although, I should know better than anyone that if you want something, you need to work at it. Music’s a good analogy for me – I’ve been trying to play various instruments since I was 13. And I know that learning a piece is only as good as the effort you put into it. As much as I want to sit down and play, to just be really fucking good at it… I can’t be. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost some of that passion: I no longer am the girl who would devote an hour every day to music studies. If I began to delve as deeply into it, I’m sure a lot of my knowledge would come back to me. Everything – well, maybe most things – gets easier over time.

But the point is simple. Keep working at it, and never stop believing. I don’t think one works without the other.

Have a good night, everyone. Be kind to yourselves.

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