Am on my way to a concert in the city, thanks to an impromptu invite by a friend of mine.

Hopefully I won’t be out too late; the humidity is crushing and I shouldn’t skimp on sleep anyway (I was late to work this morning).

Finished the Fifty Shades trilogy and it left me unsettled. While there were interesting parts, it’s a bit frustrating that to know that they propel the idea that a broken man can be saved by just the right woman. I’ve been there. And it doesn’t often happen.

Or maybe I wasn’t the right woman.

Now reading book two of The Hunger Games. I expect to come out of my reading coma with a strong urge to damn the man and save the empire. Or watch Empire Records. Whatever.

Have a good night, everyone.

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3 thoughts on “Impromptu.

  1. I have spent far too much time lately avoiding doing anything other than reading due to the heat, but I must say you have inspired me. I am off to watch AJ, Mark, Joe and Lucus. =)

    • amanda says:

      was it everything I remember it being? 🙂

      • Oh without a doubt. Next time you have something lame to do (you know, like that whole cleaning thing?) I recomend popping it in and doing your thing. At least that way when you get distracted (I always do) you have an excuse. =)

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