O, Canada!

Today, I checked my blog stats expecting to see the usual 6 views, when I stumbled upon an entirely different number.

48. 48?!

Okay, so I’ve had more views than that in the past, but it seemed a little weird to me. No one just stumbles on a blog 48 times without a reason.

But it seemed the only Google search that found me was someone trying to fit into their bridesmaid’s dress tomorrow (good luck with that, sweetheart).

So then I decided to check where in the world (is Carmen San Diego?) the views were coming from.


From Canada.

Of course.

I went to Canada once, when I was sixteen years old. I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law where they lived in Boston, and we decided to take a roadtrip to Canada and stay for a few days. (You know… like ya do.)

I don’t remember much about it except that we went to Quebec and Montreal, and there was a lot of French that I didn’t understand, and all of my pictures had my thumbs in them.

So… thanks for the visitors, Canada. I appreciate you.

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5 thoughts on “O, Canada!

  1. Haha…I actually read your blog because of the title. Yup, I’m from Canada. I think this makes me number 49.

  2. myhonestself says:

    Canada appreciates all your thumbs – as long as they are up. And by the way, Where in The World is Carmen San Diego used to be one of my favourite games that my brothers never let me play – and yes I am Canadian too hence the ‘u’ in favourite!

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