Sweet Surrender.

Today, Beattie writes that if there’s something you want or need, go ahead and ask for it. Put it out there to the Powers That Be. Trust that it’s been heard, then let it go.

I feel weird doing such a thing, as I grew up believing you shouldn’t ask your God of choice for frivolous things. God wasn’t Santa Claus. God wouldn’t give you a pony, even if you asked really nicely.

But lately, I find myself fixating over things – not like in the creepy Lifetime movie way – just in the feedback-loop sort of way that takes over my brain every now and then. It begins  innocuously enough, like, “I wish I wouldn’t have said x to this person today,” which makes me think of all the ways I’ve been a horrible person, which then leads to why I was totally rejected by that one dude in seventh grade, and on and on.

So, today, I just kinda gave up. And I asked for help. To feel better about myself. To experience love and warmth without feeling bad about it. And maybe then – and only then – I asked for a pony.

Have a good night, everyone.

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