No Money = Running for Free.

Can’t write much because I am voluntarily getting up and running 13 miles by myself tomorrow. There’s no group run – everyone and their mother is running Chicago’s Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

I thought about running that race, but my bank account dictated otherwise. So, we shall see how strong my mentality is, and where it will take me.

Unfortunately I have a nasty shin splint that doesn’t want to seem to heal on its own. I went to the race expo today, and tried on a compression wrap. It really helped the pain instantly, so I may have to get that sometime in the future.

Also, in the future, I’d like a million dollars.

Have a good night, everyone. And if you’re running the half tomorrow, good luck!

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4 thoughts on “No Money = Running for Free.

  1. It’s amazing how effective compression is for shin splints and good luck during the run tomorrow! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and so much of what you say resonates with me. I’m not nearly to the level you are with my running but you totally inspire me!
    Not only that but you totally crack me up! As the guy I passed on the track this morning said: go, girl, go!

  2. good luck, Ima try and do that one next year

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