Don’t Trip, Potato Chip.

After not sleeping last night (I didn’t get to sleep til almost 1:30 a.m., and have to wake up at 4 a.m. practically every day), I was particularly looking forward to doing absolutely nothing except:

To stretch: my body feels like I purposely slammed it on the ground,


To sleep: my body feels like I purposely slammed it on the ground.

I’ve also been dealing with an internal battle of have-and-have-nots lately, both materialistically and interpersonally.

I think the real problem is that I secretly miss my TV.

Oh, and I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to compare myself to other people. That never, ever works, no matter how much credence I try to give it (… and yet, I just… can’t … stop….!).

Then today, something happened I’ve been waiting for all summer: I got a chance to walk a bit in the rain.

Never underestimate a small moment – one that’s inconsequential (and even silly and stupid!) to others…

It made me feel calm. And happy.

And even though I’m not getting all the answers that I want right now, and even though I may not even be getting what I need right now, it’s good to be content just by being.

By being the girl who walks home in the rain, who doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think, who – through hard work, dedication, and patience – will rise above, will succeed, will be awesome – and it won’t be because other people think I should be that way.

I’m onto bigger and better things in my life.

(Hopefully one of those things is a television.)

Have a good night, everyone. Be kind to yourselves.

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