Just Another Manic… Tuesday?

I technically started my day after waking up at 2am this morning, and couldn’t fall back asleep – until, of course, I had to get up for work.

I’ve been sleeping like shit lately; my dreams are never-ending puzzles and/or repeats and when I wake up I have a hard time deciphering between what is reality and what is not.

I left work and went to music lessons, trying to belt out Fiona Apple’s “Shadowboxer” like it was my job. My music teacher has been begging me for YEARS to sing in my chest voice, and I’m finally doing it. I am generally not someone who sings in public, and when I do … it’s not this chest voice. This voice, to me, sounds unsteady, unsure, uneven… awful. To her, it’s what she always knew I could do. I partially chose this song because it was “low enough” to force me into my chest voice… Like all things, I’ll work on it until it smooths out. I just hope it does.

(Coincidentally, I was also wearing the t-shirt I bought at Fiona’s concert today, so I’m sure I came across as some Fiona-Apple-worshipping freak.)

(Whatevs. She’s crazy. I can be, too.)

I then made my way to Evanston, went to a doggie bakery where an old friend of my sister’s works, bought some treats for my sister’s dog, and then… went to a spice shop. I don’t know why I went; it seemed interesting, I guess.

I wandered around there for 15 minutes, got asked three times if I needed help, and ending up buying spices for… salads.

For, you know, all the salads I eat.

Rather, all that food that I make. On a daily basis.

I took the Metra home, where they never came around to get my money and so I never offered it – and then felt like a huge asshole when some other lady walked up to the conductor and proclaimed, “OH HERE IS MY MONEY YOU NEVER COLLECTED I AM THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD EVER!”

I couldn’t follow that up with, “Here’s my money too because I just saw that.” So… I didn’t.

And afterward, I scrambled home and changed for yoga, where my muscles turned to stone and decided to fight me at every turn. I think it’s ironic how I’m probably exercising the most I ever have, yet my muscles are the tightest they’ve ever been, AND – as I explored yesterday – my diet is not the best.

Maybe if I just ate tablespoons of the spices I bought today, I would lose weight really quickly. AND – if I put those spices in water I could make up some sort of cleanse and become a billionaire.

I ended my night with Subway-deliciousness, and a too-short walk home in the rain.

All in all, today wasn’t a bad day, and I hope to have more like them in the future.

Have a good night, everyone.

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One thought on “Just Another Manic… Tuesday?

  1. ALL in all sounds like you had a busy but Good day. 🙂

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