Shoes, Running Shoes.


New running shoes, that is. This entire training session has left my left shin battered, and with 7 more weeks to go, I don’t want (and really can’t afford) anything to get worse.

So I made my way over to my running store, with my current running shoes on my feet (and no, I didn’t run there – are you kidding?). The salesperson didn’t really think there was much wrong about my current shoes, but I assured him that there was. “I’m over halfway through training… I think it’s time to get new shoes.”

Instead, he mentioned inserts, and also pulled out a nifty tool called The Stick, which he ran over both of my calves. IT HURT LIKE PAIN HELL HATH NOT SEEN.

It… just really hurt.

This is the torture tool of death. You roll it on your muscles until you die.

After all was said and done, I ended up with some Nike LunarGlides, which are bright neon orange. If anyone has trouble seeing me in the marathon… well, you won’t. It’s impossible to miss these. I also took The Stick for the days that I really hate myself, and … lastly… I bought a Garmin watch.

I immediately, of course, wanted to get the most expensive one they had; after intense online research I opted for the Garmin 910XT. I figured that if I was going to jump into triathlons next year, I might as well save my future self some money. After much discussion, however, I switched to the Garmin 210, which is strictly for running, but it seems like it’ll do what I need it to. And if it doesn’t, I can take it back – no hassle.

Plus… it was about $250 cheaper. (WHOA I SAVED MONEY…. weird.)

I’m super excited to use my new gadgets – even if it means I’m excited for the 16-miler tomorrow.

Have a good night, everyone. 🙂

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