Shin Splints, Schmin… Ow.

Monday, I rested. Tuesday, I yoga-ed. Today, I ran. A really short run (which was designed to be short originally, but became shorter when I realized how empty my stomach was and how good I did not feel).

I didn’t get the immediate surge of pain I have been experiencing lately, and I got almost a mile before I felt anything. I’m taking this as a good sign; then again, I know that for the time and distance that I ran… maybe it wasn’t enough to really tell.

So, as I sit here about to ice the thing, I asked myself – who needs an active lifestyle? And then I thought that there were other paths I could take, such as:

Professional Chex Mix Eater. An ice skater, who sat on the Zamboni the whole time. A private investigator, whose only tools were a keen intuition… and the internet.

None of this will happen, I’m sure, but it’s worth considering.

Speaking of things worth considering, I’ve decided that I’ve gone three long months without baking. And I need to get back to that. If you have any good recipes (I might even try vegan/gluten free stuff for some friends of mine), let me know!

Have a good night, everyone.

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