Books! I’ve Missed You!

I’m currently taking a break from putting things away. I got a bookshelf this weekend (well, two – but one isn’t put together yet)… and it made me so happy! I’m glad my books once again have a home.

…Most of them, anyway – there’s still another bin awaiting placement. And I guess technically, I had another shelf at my disposal, but I chose to use that for music-related books and/or notebooks with random scribbles in them.

It’s my hope that, when I become rich and famous, I shall have an entire library. Maybe filled with bookshelves from Target. But probably not.

And also, I’ll have a music room, so that I can put my guitars and my piano (I’ll have a real piano! but maybe keep my keyboard around for nostalgia) in there and play until my heart’s content.

Sometimes I’m bugged by the fact that I know how to do a lot of things – but I’m not really superb at any one thing. But maybe it’s better that way. I don’t know. I guess, if I really wanted to, I could become an expert in any area I chose. I guess that’s why I’ve been thinking about what passion is.

I think I have a lot of interests, but no burning desire to delve wholeheartedly into anything. I looked at my high school yearbooks tonight, and there’s at least three or four pictures and/or quotes of me with (or talking about) my guitar or my songs. I think I recognized some sort of passion, there. I wonder where it went…

If my guitar wasn’t broken, I might pick it up tonight. And if I wasn’t so broke, I might get it fixed.

Have a good night, everyone.


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