In Which My Foot Goes Numb.

Today was a weird day. I had work, and wore my running group’s marathon shirt, only to realize about 3 hours in that the shirt was a little smelly and needed to be washed again.

I dealt with it.

I told myself to take a nap once I got home, and then seemingly forgot. I got about 30 minutes of a nap, which only left me more tired. And for about the billionth time, considered skipping my workout. However, I hadn’t done anything since my 8-mile run on Sunday and so I figured I should do this.

On the way there, my foot started cramping, but by the time I got to the store, it was fine. And I figured it was just my muscles being their usual pain-in-the-ass selves. The workout was a 5K time trial, so we had to jog the one mile to the path before starting. I ran the mile, but stopped short one block of the destination because my calf was so tight. I had to do some serious mental strategizing on the way to complete the mile, but afterward my calf felt somewhat looser. So, I figured it just needed a warm up.

I began the time trial, telling myself that – if I wanted to be somewhat successful at this – not to try to be a hero or show off and run the whole thing, but just do what I could, run and walk like normal and – while it wouldn’t necessarily be pleasant – it’d be fine.

I got through the first interval (4/2) but when I had to start running again, my brain just quit. I started walking, telling myself I would continue walking this whole fucking thing if I had to. I was hurting, and didn’t want to run anymore. Of course, I picked up the pace, resuming my run/walk intervals.

Toward the end, however, I experienced the strangest sensation. I realized that my left foot was numb! It was as if my body really wanted to quit. Shortly after I finished, the sensation came back – but it was one of the oddest things I’ve experienced to date. Time for me to seriously get those compression socks, I think…

Have a good night, everyone.

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