Annnnd breathe. Juuuust breathe.

Calming the pre-18-miler nerves tonight by eating pasta. And drinking leftover Fat Tire. I’m not really sure that it’s working, but maybe there will be a placebo effect.

In situations like these, it’s best to tell the brain to STFU. I’ll most likely go to bed in another hour, and I hope to do so telling myself positive things: “I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful…”

This will be a lesson in mental toughness. Right now, I’m sort of consuming myself with the route in general. But, I’ve decided to just run, check my watch every now and again, attempt to do some quick math, and hope my legs don’t give out. I also have a very generous friend who is meeting me tomorrow at my approximate 4-5 mile marker. She is bringing gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh in the forms of herself (with her dog), gatorade, and chews.

Yes, friends. I did just throw out a Christmas reference. WHAT.

I should probably make sure I have everything ready… I get to rock my GREEN compression socks tomorrow!!

Have a good night, everyone.


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2 thoughts on “Annnnd breathe. Juuuust breathe.

  1. I await with baited breath for the outcome…..

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