I’m Starting to Freak Out…

Not in the way most people would, I don’t think. The marathon is about 10 days away. A week and a half.

And I haven’t had the panicked dreams. Really, my dreams are fucked up enough that I don’t need to dream about this, too.

I just want it to go smoothly. I want to do well. I want to finish before the buzzer. Is there a buzzer?


I’m thinking about doing more yoga; last night I did a yoga class which clearly demonstrated to me that – even when I think my muscles are doing well – they’re not and I’m tighter than a vise grip. I want to go to some basic beginner classes and maybe some Bikram classes in addition to this one.

I’m also thinking of signing up for two 5ks, a week apart, 2 weeks after the marathon.

Lord, help me.

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