28 Years Later: Not A Movie About Disease.

Actually, it’s not a movie at all. And I’ve never seen 28 Days Later or anything.

I have seen 28 Days, though, because I’m awesome.

So I was thinking yesterday about how 28 isn’t all that different from, say, 27… but it MIGHT be different from 32. The truth is, you never know. (It turns out that on your birthday, you think really deeply about things…)

Remember in Sex and the City when Charlotte’s drunk off her ass and they’re on the boat, and she’s like, “I’M GETTING MARRIED!” and then all of the sudden Trey shows up and they *shockingly* get married? And you’re like, “Whoa… that was so cool that she foreshadowed her own storyline!”

So I was thinking maybe I should do that. Like, stand on a street corner and start screaming things. Wouldn’t that be SO AWESOME?!

Okay, maybe not. I don’t need all the extra attention.

But so far, the goals for 28 include: finishing (read: really starting) my book. creating a healthier lifestyle (related: not feeling like I’m eating diabetes for every meal). dedicating myself again to music. being TOTALLY BETTER with money. signing up for improv classes. in general, not being so scared to meet people and not having mini-anxiety attacks when I do. keeping up this blog (I actually like the whole one-post-a-day thing… is that weird?). learning to love running. or finding a physical activity that keeps me sane. annnd other things. but too many goals would send people into a tizzy and they’ll run around screaming, “HOW WILL SHE GET ALL OF THEM DONE?”. we’ll keep things short here.

I don’t really know why, but I think good things are in my future. Though progress can’t really be made unless some impetus makes it happen. MAYBE IT’S ME…. Whaaaaaaaat? (but maybe I’m still basking in the glow of my birthday…)

And now, I shall go back to Parks and Recreation. Have a good night, everyone. And think happy thoughts.

And sorry for all the pop culture references.

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