Ah, November 30. You crept up like a sneaky son of a bitch.

Well – here’s what I have to show for November:

Book is not finished.

Watching “Mad Men” on Netflix really makes me want to smoke and drink from daybreak to nightfall. And I can’t stop watching. And I’m not even sure if I LIKE the show!

Blanket statement alert: I NEED TO BE MORE DRIVEN. Lots of interests, some talents, no drive. Lazy, lazy, lazy (read also: fear, fear, fear). Is the key not to set goals, so if you don’t do them, it doesn’t matter?

Is the key dedication, no matter the cost?

I dream big. But it seems it’s all I ever do.

Glum month, indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Glum.

  1. Katie Renee says:

    That sounds familiar. I make lists and put them online and have people harass me about my lack of effort. Public shaming works for me. Don’t feel too bad though, the end of the year is always disappointing (at least for me). The renewed “New Year’s” spirit gives you a bit of a jump eventually.

  2. Join me in DecemBEER – different beer every day – nice….

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