So. Much. Shopping.

My mom and sister came from Indernana for some bonding time.

They picked me up from work and we headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond. About two seconds in, my sister and I left my mom to revel in the gloriousness of the store. We got some desperately-needed coffee, and then I watched her go from store to store looking for clothes.

Two things to say here:

1) I don’t understand clothes shopping.

2) My sister, at 15, has more financial sense than I do. I offered to buy her whatever she wanted and she still wanted to buy things on sale (what?). I love that kid.

Then we came back to my place where my mother, who has never before seen my apartment, decided to play interior decorator and said I needed sconces for the lights and valences for the windows. I tried to explain that I lived in an apartment, so those things didn’t matter, but – more importantly – I didn’t give a fuck.

We went to Target anyway to look for those things because, while I’m 28, my mother is still always right.

I am exhausted. Need to ice the leg (too much walking today!).

Have a good night, everyone!

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