Eyes… Closing… Daylight… Fading

Actually the daylight doesn’t really make sense considering it’s 10pm here, BUT I am tired and therefore delirious.

Today’s big news is that I’m going to become more of a heffer because I cancelled my swim technique lessons that I signed up for just weeks ago (oh, to be young again). The session started today, and I waited until the last minute to cancel because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel. But all day my leg and foot were being uncooperative, so as soon as I got home I wrote an e-mail explaining that I understood that I was one of those last-minute bitches, that I didn’t expect a refund, but that I was trying to pay it forward by opening up a spot for someone who may or may not be more motivated and less hurt than I.

Doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday.


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One thought on “Eyes… Closing… Daylight… Fading

  1. jimmydevious says:

    Ouch. I always loved swimming classes when I was in school! πŸ™‚

    (Okay, to be accurate, I acutually liked the swimming part. But the dudes who tried to towel-pop me in the nads aftwerwards? Yeaaah, not so much! πŸ˜› )

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