What It Is.

There is one certainty in life: If you want anything, you have to work for it.

There’s another certainty in my life: I want a lot. And I mean to work on those things. And then I don’t. And I wonder why the sky doesn’t rain good fortune on me.

A couple of people have suggested turning this blog into a book – or, at the very least – taking certain blog posts and formulating them into something larger. I consider the possibility, but then those negative wheels start turning and I tell myself that I can’t. That it’ll never happen. That people like what they read but they wouldn’t like it enough.

Yet, part of me knows that I’m capable. And I certainly have been told “no”. And there have been times where I’ve been told I can’t, but then I do anyway and everyone’s surprised – myself included.

I think of my life as it stands now. And I think of what could come out of my fingertips if only I let it. The Harry Potter franchise, as I understand it, started on the back of a napkin. I don’t own napkins. I have paper towels though and those are just as good.

And yet, I don’t want to think of the future. The future holds with it promises that remain to be fulfilled and have with it the potential to remain unfulfilled.

What it is is to chip away, little by little, until the big picture becomes the only picture.

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4 thoughts on “What It Is.

  1. Katie says:

    Well, anyway, I like what I read 🙂

  2. Jeyna Grace says:

    Take a step of faith, you never know how things can turn out.

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