the blob.

Time for a health update!

The good: blood tests from a week ago came back normal (of course). Have an appointment this Thursday with a vascular specialist, and an appointment next Thursday with a rehab/PT place.

The bad: foot is intermittently cold and/or numb. Leg still swollen.

The ugly: I totally ate oreos and cheetos today for an afternoon snack all the way through dinner. I look like a blob. I feel like a blob. THE BLOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBB. I did about 10 minutes of light walking.

I did about 120 minutes of suffering through the first four measures of a song. I’m really rusty at this piano stuff, but I’ll get it.

If I could wave my toes at you, they’d be waving goodnight.

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4 thoughts on “the blob.

  1. let me know when you do light walking again. I’ll join you. We’ll blob around together.

  2. Katie says:

    Cheetos and Oreos….addictive things. I’m glad you have your piano, because those things really do help.

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