So this is how it starts.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I have spent about six hours on a site called Thrive Forward. It’s the brainchild of Brendan Brazier, an ultra-athlete and author from Canada (he’s like Jillian Michaels… but with a penis and less menacing), and on it he posts videos of himself walking through farmers markets, running on sandy beaches, and doing various weight training … all while talking about nutrition.

I follow Jenny Hadfield (who runners know as Coach Jenny) on Twitter, and she posted a link to this site the other day. The video was about clean eating, and it was just something I watched when I was on my way home. But I sent the link to my e-mail, and the next thing I know I’m watching video after video after video.

And it occurred to me: This is how I might turn into one of “those” people.

I have nothing against vegetarians, vegans, paleo-ans, a diet that tells you to eat celery then spin three times and stand on your head to make the toxins come out of your mouth, etc etc etc. The more I think about it, the more I just don’t want to eat meat anymore. (Which makes me sad because I do like the occasional amazingly-cooked steak.)

In fact, I just like eating junk food. Bring me your chocolate, your fried foods, your bags of chips yearning to breathe free. It’s not that I can’t eat well. I’ve done it in the past. Since my last bitch-post about food (when was that? two weeks ago? Sigh, Amanda. Sigh.) I’ve eaten at least three fully vegetarian meals. I’m trying to make changes.

What I don’t want is to get all into this thing, and then go around sprinkling chia seeds on everyone’s food. It’s a personal choice but I also get that sometimes, you get SO EXCITED about something that you just wanna preach. This is okay. What’s not okay is to fall in love with every fad diet and put e-mails on blast to everyone you know, dead or alive, about this thing you begin to think you, alone, originated.

What I’ve been reading makes sense to me. It’s about making small changes with bigger benefits. And since I’ve been relatively inactive I’ve had a chance to listen to my body. Most of the things it’s telling me – I’ll admit – I’m ignoring. Example A: I need more sleep. But let me get Starbucks at 4pm. Example B: Sugar irritates me. I get body aches from it (yes, it even irritates the pain in my leg and hurts my hands, too). But I LOVE sweet things. Example C: I have crazy ass heartburn. But give me more giardiniera with Sriracha on it, please.

I’m not sure how much longer I can continue ignoring such things. But I think a change is in order. And please feel free to tell me at any time, unequivocally, that I should shut the fuck up if I start getting too preachy. (But I promise, I’m not going to e-mail blast you. Well, maybe my sisters. But that’s different.)

Have a good night, everyone.

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